HOXTON JAM with Matteo

Matteo who is the founder of Ma’Grass was on bass last night… and like his band he was funking it up hard !

Hoxton Jam funk band MaGrass 150x150 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in londonIf you like Funk and heavy grooves then you should defo Check out the Ma’Grass Album Fingers in the Pocket !
Among many other musicians it features Alexis Kraniou , Oli Arlotto, Alessio Barelli and Tomasz Bura who have all been massive supporters of the Hoxton Jam !

We were very honored to also have Michel Castellanos on house drums last Wednesday! He was on Top form as ever !

Come down to next weeks jam for more crazyness and awsome music !
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/327280437407010/?fref=ts 

wpid IMG 1505 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in london
wpid IMG 6352 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in london


A Really Busy Night!

We had a killer House band and loads of new top quality Musicians turn up… What more do you need !

Laurie Lowe and Tomasz Bura was on Drums and Keys along with Samer Sharawi on Bass, Mike Rowlands on Sax and Alexis Kraniou on Guitar, it was a fun and energetic house band!

We also had some really good guests turn up, people like Aidan Glover (keys), Edu Bisa Bisogno (keys), Andrew Vickery (guitar) and Marek Bura (guitar), all amazing players in there own right !

I will post up details about next Wednesday jam soon, but so far the line up for the house band is coming together really nicely 😀

Fotor0606112242 300x225 A Really Busy Night!  Jam nights in london

29th May Hoxton Jam

Its was great seeing some top musicians fly by last Wednesday night. Dominic Ntoumos was kind enough to pop in and jam on-stage with the house band along with Kofi on percussion and Selim on drums (who is playing in the house band next Wednesday)

A big thanks to last Wednesdays crew:
Drums – Andy wilder
Guitar – Alexis Kraniou
Bass – Sam Sharawi
Sax – Oli Arlotto
Ian Da Preda – Vibes

So as mentioned above next week we have Selim Munir on drums along with Tomasz Bura on Keys !
Check more info here : https://www.facebook.com/events/137606373100509/?fref=ts

Btw check out some of these vids that Juliana Yazbeck took:

Hoxton Jam Feat Fuzz On Jam Crew

What a House band last night!
We had Tomasz Bura and Michel Castellanos from the Fuzz On Jam playing Keys and Drums last Wednesday.

Fuzz on Jam Hoxton Jam 150x150 Hoxton Jam Feat Fuzz On Jam Crew Jam nights in londonIf you haven’t heard already, these guys run a great Jam at Charlie Wrights every Thursday
Check it out here : facebook.com/pages/Fuzz-On/

On top of this Johan Hansén-Larson was on bass… and he was on top Form !!! We defo hope to have him back soon !

Next week we Laurie Lowe and Kevin Glasgow on drums & bass….we are so blessed to have some of londons most talented musicians at the Hoxton Jam !!

Alexis Birthday plus Laurie Lowe & Rick James Make an appearance

Alexis is one of the of the core members in the H.J crew and also is the House guitarist, last Wednesday was his Birthday so that means there was free cake !
We also rocked out a few of Blasterminds orginal tunes and played some heavy Jazz fusion as usual.

The cool thing about the Hoxton Jam night is that you never know who is going to turn up.. last night we had Rick James come down and also a great drummer called Laurie Low.

At the moment it seems the house band are picking more and more challenging tunes every week lol … so it will be interesting to so what happens next wednesday …. i have a feeling some more Brecker Brother stuff will be in the mix simple smile Alexis Birthday plus Laurie Lowe & Rick James Make an appearance Jam nights in london

Join next weeks Hoxton Jam (30th jan) on Facebook at : http://www.facebook.com/events/396962933729156/

IMAG0725 300x179 Alexis Birthday plus Laurie Lowe & Rick James Make an appearance Jam nights in london


Last HoxtonJam of 2012 – Tonight – Feat NVG

276719 452646398126047 1656297155 n Last HoxtonJam of 2012   Tonight   Feat NVG  Jam nights in london

Dont miss out on the last Jam of 2012… its tonight !
With Nick Van Gelder and his cool grooves from Groovitas and Choose Music.
This is going to be a Super Funk night that you can’t miss !



Ernesto Simpson + Vinzenz Benjamin @ The Hoxton Jam

wow what a treat! Ernesto Simpson turned up at the Hoxton Jam last Wednesday!

Ernesto has preformed with Carmen McRae, Dizzy Guillespie, Winton Marsalis, Mike Stern, Michael Legrand, Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, George Benson, Salif Keita, Tito Puente, Giovanni Hidalgo, Arturo Sandoval, Paquito D’ Rivera, Ray Barreto, Brian Lynch and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, just to name a few, he also plays for the famous Cameroonian song-writter, singer and bass player, Richard Bona.

So it was a great honer to have him come down and play a couple of tunes at the Hoxton Jam last week… Check out some snippets of his playing in this vid !

The house band also hosted some heavy players. On Bass – Vinzenz Benjamin, Keys Tomasz Bura, Guitar – Alexis Kraniou, Sax – Oli Arlotto and Drums – Andy Wilder

Make sure u dont miss next weeks jam… who knows who might turn up ;-P



Tomasz Bura Killed it at the Hoxton jam Last Wednesday

It was a Blessing to have Tomasz in the House Band,such a high standard musician! im really speechless. So to help explain the vibe last Wednesday we will be uploaded some Videos soon of what happened !

Next week we have Nik Svarc on guitar, a new face to the Hoxton Jam, with new skills.

So dont miss out, the event page is here : http://www.facebook.com/events/120781191412811/