Fusion Heavy – 15th May – Hoxton Jam

Thanks to Dean Mongerio and Ian Da Pera we pulled off a Fusion heavy set last weds.
We had a blast playing songs like Not Ethiopia by the Brecker Brothers and Tuesday Night Squad by Soulive
Check it out :

(thanks to Ian Da Preda for the video)

We have Laurie Lowe on Drums next week and Oli Arlotto is back on Sax :


Catch you Next week !

12.12.12 – Hoxton Jam

Well apart from it being ‘World Sound check Day’ we also had what seems like a war of jazz and Funk at the Hoxton jam… The house band was tearing down fast jazz which was then always followed by some mental Funk.

Dean Mongerio was on sax last night and impressed us all with choosing to play the Brecker song “Not Ethiopia”… #epic

Hoxton jam Crew would also like to thank Marco Quarantotto for stepping in on drums!

Next week is gonna be a whole new level for the Hoxton Jam! The House band are going to be playing some Tasty Acid jazz tunes from Nick Van Gelder albums, of course he will also be playing Drums!bbe12058d cover 3x3 12.12.12   Hoxton Jam Jam nights in london

More info on that to come Here : facebook.com/events/HoxtonJam/




(Below is also a Video from 2 weeks ago with Alexis, Samer, Joel and Omar on Guitar, Bass, Keys and Drums… Enjoy)