Our first Jam of 2014 was Busy !

Last Wednesday was really busy and really hot.. unfortunately we think the air conditioning stopped working.
Alexis was left to manage the night on his own and booked a killer half Italian line up which consisted of Luca Faraone on bass, Alessio Barelli on drums and Marcin Geborek on sax.

We had some great guests including musicians who have played for Paloma faith, Professor Green, Blue and Tinie Tempah

wpid IMAG0423 Our first Jam of 2014 was Busy ! Jam nights in london

Next week’s jam info is up on Facebook, hope to see you there!

hj12 Our first Jam of 2014 was Busy ! Jam nights in london


Andrew Vickery on Guitar

A big thanks to Andrew Vickery who played Guitar in the house band last Wednesday!
The rest of the band comprised of our usual great musicians ;
Ian Da Preda, Mike Rowlands, Samer Sharawi, and Laurie Lowe
Andy Vickery 300x300 Andrew Vickery on Guitar Jam nights in london

We finaly managed to get some video clips of the funk night we did a few weeks ago ! check it out …

For more info about next weeks jam go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/467097066731607/

David Turay + Videos

111111 150x150 David Turay + Videos Jam nights in londonDavid Turay on Sax was a new addition to the House band Last night. Its great to have up and coming musicians joining the ever growing list of those who have been in the House band!

Some cool guest came by last night too, one of them being Steve Gilbertson (currently doing the Dirty Dancing musical) who made an appearance on drums.

And finally just incase you wanted to know, House band line up for last night was
David Turay on sax
Andy Wilder on drums
Ian Da Preda on vibraphone
Samer Sharawi on bass
Alexis Kraniou on guitar

p.s. As a treat here are a few of LyricL Songs in HD video from 2 weeks ago …. enjoy !


LyricL & Hoxton Jam

Thanks to everybody who came down last night. it was great to see some new faces.
We opened the jam up early before LyricL’s set and had some great guitarists like Mete, Ben Trickey, and Luca get up and play.

968974 10151548151092897 1818575820 n 225x300 LyricL & Hoxton Jam Jam nights in londonWe then had the pleasure of playing through some of LyricL’s tunes from her last album “Amazed” with Tomasz on keys and Laurie Lowe on drums.

Cant wait to post some of the footage up for you you to see soon !

Once again we would like to thank Francesco. Milazzo for bringing down the ATS bass amp for all the bass players to try out !

We should have some great pics and vids to follow shortly so hang tight, and as always we will be back next Wednesday !

Confusing but fun music

The house band tried something different tune wize last night. they whent in with a one, off far out, experimental Jazz fusion tune called Dance Des Machines by Lucien Dubuis Trio & Marc Ribot. you can here what is sound like below in the video simple smile Confusing but fun music Jam nights in london

It was great to see Tom Kent (played bass for One Direction) who drove up from a studio session in Portsmouth to make the jam.


The house band last night :
Marco Quarantotto on drums
Oli Arlotto on sax
Ian Da Preda on electric vibraphone
Samer Sharawi on bass
Alexis Kraniou on guitar


29th May Hoxton Jam

Its was great seeing some top musicians fly by last Wednesday night. Dominic Ntoumos was kind enough to pop in and jam on-stage with the house band along with Kofi on percussion and Selim on drums (who is playing in the house band next Wednesday)

A big thanks to last Wednesdays crew:
Drums – Andy wilder
Guitar – Alexis Kraniou
Bass – Sam Sharawi
Sax – Oli Arlotto
Ian Da Preda – Vibes

So as mentioned above next week we have Selim Munir on drums along with Tomasz Bura on Keys !
Check more info here : https://www.facebook.com/events/137606373100509/?fref=ts

Btw check out some of these vids that Juliana Yazbeck took:

22nd May 2013 Hoxton Jam

We had fun last Wednesday !
Laurie Lowe and Ian Da Pera killed it on Drums and Vibes.

An amazing guest Clarinetist also came down and shared the stage with the house band which made a great change of tone simple smile 22nd May 2013 Hoxton Jam Jam nights in london

Kelli-Leigh (vocals), Aidan Glover (keys) and Keir Moore (Guitar) also came down and preformed a cover of Amy Winehouse’s Stronger Than Me, which went down a storm!

Check out next weeks event :
https://www.facebook.com/events/448440401916020/?fref=ts (u knever know who is gonna be there !)

Great Warm up set from Blastermind + band

So last Wednesday we did something different. we warmed up the Jam with a Rock pop set of Basterminds Songs. Trust me we were rocking out:
474555 10151357890697606 1741929962 o 300x199 Great Warm up set from Blastermind + band Jam nights in london

Then after his set Aliocha Thevenet, Andy Wilder, Mike Rowland, Joe Erber and Samer Sharawi opened the Jam with a Hard hitting fusion tune.

Join us again for more Jazz fusion, and funky vibes Next week at the Hoxton Jam:

(p.s. Next week we have a guest Vibraphone player !)


Kevin Glasgow and Laurie Low, Epic rythim section

Super tight and fusion mad… That’s what happened last Wednesday when we had Kevin Glasgow on bass and Laurie Lowe on drums.

On top of that we had Lyric L hit the Hoxton Jam :

its great to have these top players vist us at the Hoxton jam simple smile Kevin Glasgow and Laurie Low, Epic rythim section Jam nights in london

Have a look at next Wednesdays Hoxton jam Facebook Page here: