HOXTON JAM with Matteo

Matteo who is the founder of Ma’Grass was on bass last night… and like his band he was funking it up hard !

Hoxton Jam funk band MaGrass 150x150 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in londonIf you like Funk and heavy grooves then you should defo Check out the Ma’Grass Album Fingers in the Pocket !
Among many other musicians it features Alexis Kraniou , Oli Arlotto, Alessio Barelli and Tomasz Bura who have all been massive supporters of the Hoxton Jam !

We were very honored to also have Michel Castellanos on house drums last Wednesday! He was on Top form as ever !

Come down to next weeks jam for more crazyness and awsome music !
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/327280437407010/?fref=ts 

wpid IMG 1505 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in london
wpid IMG 6352 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in london


20th Feb hoxton Jam + Live Recordings

gizelle smith 300x295 20th Feb hoxton Jam + Live Recordings Jam nights in london

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2012 Hoxton Jam – Photo by Piotr Kogut

Last wednesday was another busy Hoxton Jam with some top musicians passing by!

To start with we had Gizelle Smith open the Jam with her tunes. it was great seeing her before she leaves with with Alexis and the rest of her band for a tour of Europe.

We had one of Londons top bass players Rick James making an appearance last weds along with an amazing sax player called Sam Healey who travelled down from Manchester for the Jam. And to top it off Laurie Lowe came down again to play drums…. all of the musicians were on fire last night.

House band last Wednesday was also a tight line up and consisted of:

Marco Quarantotto – Drums
Oli Arlotto – Sax
Paul Jordanous -Keys/Trumpet
Samer Sharawi – Bass
Alexis Kraniou – Guitar

And this is what they sounded like:

Dont forget to add yourself to next weeks Facebook Event:


13th Feb Hoxton Jam

photo 4 300x224 13th Feb Hoxton Jam Jam nights in london

To make a change for a once it was quite a relaxing Hoxton Jam last wednesday, with enough time for everybody to get a few chances at playing !
Anyways the chances of it being quite again next week are very slim so make sure you get down early to catch some great music, More info here: http://www.facebook.com/events/_Hoxton_Jam_20th _Feb/

Also check out this little tast of what happened a few weeks ago with some of London’s top musicians at the Hoxton Jam.

Nik Svarc @ the Hoxton Jam last Wednesday

Another great House band was arranged for last Wednesday, with special guest Nik Svarc on guitar and Michel.Castellanos on drums.
It was refreshing having Nik in house band as he is an established and dedicated player who is know to jump between the Leeds and London music scene.

If you missed his playing last night you can check out his own project : The Svarc Trio :

l Nik Svarc @ the Hoxton Jam last Wednesday Jam nights in londonhttp://www.myspace.com/svarctrio

Come and join us next Wednesday from 8pm to catch more great session players at the Hoxton Jam night !
Oli Arlotto, Samer Sharawi & Alexis kraniou are already sorting out a great House band for next weeks Jam night

p.s. did it mention its FREE !!!!!!