HOXTON JAM with Matteo

Matteo who is the founder of Ma’Grass was on bass last night… and like his band he was funking it up hard !

Hoxton Jam funk band MaGrass 150x150 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in londonIf you like Funk and heavy grooves then you should defo Check out the Ma’Grass Album Fingers in the Pocket !
Among many other musicians it features Alexis Kraniou , Oli Arlotto, Alessio Barelli and Tomasz Bura who have all been massive supporters of the Hoxton Jam !

We were very honored to also have Michel Castellanos on house drums last Wednesday! He was on Top form as ever !

Come down to next weeks jam for more crazyness and awsome music !
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/327280437407010/?fref=ts 

wpid IMG 1505 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in london
wpid IMG 6352 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in london


Hoxton Jam Feat Fuzz On Jam Crew

What a House band last night!
We had Tomasz Bura and Michel Castellanos from the Fuzz On Jam playing Keys and Drums last Wednesday.

Fuzz on Jam Hoxton Jam 150x150 Hoxton Jam Feat Fuzz On Jam Crew Jam nights in londonIf you haven’t heard already, these guys run a great Jam at Charlie Wrights every Thursday
Check it out here : facebook.com/pages/Fuzz-On/

On top of this Johan Hansén-Larson was on bass… and he was on top Form !!! We defo hope to have him back soon !

Next week we Laurie Lowe and Kevin Glasgow on drums & bass….we are so blessed to have some of londons most talented musicians at the Hoxton Jam !!

16th Jan 2013.. January Hoxton Jam nights are busy

So the second Jam of 2013 was another busy night. Our house drummer last night was Michel Castellanos along with Tomasz on keys and the usual H.J crew filling up the rest of the band.
Next Wednesday we are celebrating Omar’s (aka Blastermind scape) birthday by playing a few of his original compositions ! check him out :

Info about next week is here .. dont miss out ! http://www.facebook.com/events/HoxtonJam/

Media from the Hoxton Jam night:

IMAG0723 300x179 16th Jan 2013.. January Hoxton Jam nights are busy Jam nights in london

Oli Arlotto Leading last weeks Band

A big thanks to Oli Arlotto for taking over while the rest of the Hoxton Jam crew were away. Oli called up Davi Lanes and Michel on bass and drums. Also we had a new guest trumpet player named Mirko Cisilino, as usual everybody was on form !

Oli Arlotto is also one of the founding members of Seddik’s Seeds of Creation, an amazing  band that fuse jazz, Arabic and Afro-blues music, with epic arrangements !

There next gig is on Saturday, October 20 8:00pm at Charlie Wrights Bar, if you are free check it out !

jpeg 150x150 Oli Arlotto Leading last weeks Band Jam nights in london






Also don’t forget to join next weeks Facebook Page

High Quantity and Quality of people at the Hoxton Jam night

busy 300x179 High Quantity and Quality of people at the Hoxton Jam night Jam nights in londonWe took this pic as we couldent believe how busy it was getting at one point last night! We just have to say a massive thank you to all that came down last night.

Talent wize we had some amazing singers down last night. Firstly Ciro Patrick Castello got up and with a great Soul and RnB vibe. we also had two very talented Jazz singers, Sara Rioja and Heidi Heidelberg. But finally Gizelle Smith also made an apeance on the band stand and blew us all away with “All i do”.

(If you have a second check out Gizelle Smith, she has some dates in France and Russia coming up and is taking Alexis (Hoxton jam house guitarist) with her ! )

Rick James 300x179 High Quantity and Quality of people at the Hoxton Jam night Jam nights in london

As usual we also had some great musicians, Michel Castellanos being one of them who was on House drums and we also had a special guest appearance by Rick James



The Hoxton Jam will be back next Wednesday! with Andy Watts on trumpet and Lucas Parlato in drums.

Stay tuned !



Next weeks Hoxton Jam

Michel Castelanos and Davi Lanes were in the house band last Wednesday and gave Alex and Oli a proper work out during the first set!

We have already launched the details for next week. Michel will be joining us on drums again and Samer will be back on bass.

As usual we welcome you all to come down and jam with us !


See you next Wednesday

11th July – Kelli-Leigh & Paul Jordanous

Among the many good musician that did come down last night there were two that the Hoxton jam was really excited about having on stage; Kelli-Leigh & Paul Jordanous.

403921 10151919894515051 1600526731 n 300x168 11th July   Kelli Leigh & Paul Jordanous Jam nights in london

Kelli-Leigh coved some great jazz standards with the House band & it was a pleasure for the House band to share the stage with a singer who has performed with the likes of Adele and is also a great solo artist.

Check out Kelli-Leigh’s music at http://www.kellileigh.com/  

Paul Jordanous was our guest trumpet player in the house band last night and shared the stage with Mike Rowlands on Sax.
Paul busted out some great solos last night and his cool and confident approach to playing was well received.
Late Last year Paul released his own collection of original material called “And Now I Know..” these tunes are defiantly worth listening to! check it out at: http://pauljordanous.webs.com/

Paul Jordanous Cover quarter size 11th July   Kelli Leigh & Paul Jordanous Jam nights in london








Next Week we have Nick Van Gelder on Drums… if you dont know who this dummer is Google him now !!! Dont miss out ! http://www.facebook.com/events/379868972067326/

Last Wednesday’s News !

We had some great Guests down last Wednesday. To start with, Dominic was playing trumpet in the Hoxton Jam house bad, not only is he a good player but Dominic also runs and produces his project called NTOUMOS, who released there new signal this year called Fiesta

Breis Also made a guest appearance, and rolled 2 tracks from his latest EP, his stuff was Rocking ! : http://breismusic.wordpress.com/

We were also really lucky to have Michel Castellanos on Hose Drums, Mike Rowlands on Sax, Samer on Bass and Alex on Guitar

We already have some great players lined up for next week so don’t miss out !


Pic’s thanks to Ron Hector

Great Musicians @ Hoxton Jam tomorrow !

We got a great house band tomorrow consisting of :
Mike Rowlands-alto
Michel Castellanos-drums
Dominic Ntoumos– trumpet
Samer Sharawi-bass
Alexis Kraniou-guitar
Joel Ison-Keys

Also a guest appearance from Breis

Check out his latest EP… here http://mrbreis.bandcamp.com/ … (did i mention its FREE !!!)
3405942753 1 300x300 Great Musicians @ Hoxton Jam tomorrow ! Jam nights in london


The Milky Tea Kid & Michel Castellanos

The Hoxton Jam Crew woke up happy this morning as http://milkyteakid.com/ have a post about the jam on there homepage simple smile The Milky Tea Kid & Michel Castellanos Jam nights in london

Some of the members of HJ have been following MTK (Milky tea kid) for a while now as it seems to have its finger on the pulse about new artists and underground news regarding the pop scene… worth checking out !

Twitter: @milkyteakid

Other great includes Michel Castellanos joining us on drums this week which means Groove should be spewing out of the venue 😀

If you are a drummer you don’t want to miss this week at the Hoxton Jam !