22nd Jan 2014 – Violin at fusion jam !

Sorry for the late update! last weeks jam was amazing, we even had a killer Violin player from France!

As usual the Hoxton Jam is on tomorrow with the following line up
Oli Arlotto – Sax
Emanuel Baker – Bass
Alexis Kraniou – Guitar
Alessio Barelli – Drums

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And here is a little something from last week:

Another Great Jam With Marco Quarantotto

954652 533880490017378 222112027 n 300x200 Another Great Jam With Marco Quarantotto  Jam nights in london

Thanks to Laura Bartholomew for the Photos

Last night was Really fun ! Marco really challenged the the rest of the House band with  his deep pocket and fast fills on drums!
We were also happy to have all the founding members (Samer, Oli & Alex) back and playing together too !

Next Week we have an Epic House band featuring Ian Da Preda (vibes), Dan Lipman (flute), Andy Wilder (drums), Luca Faraone (guitar) & Samer Sharawi (bass)
Dont miss out !
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3rd April – Hoxton Jam

wpid IMAG0900 3rd April   Hoxton Jam Jam nights in london

Fun was had by all at last nights Jam. Especially the house band who attempted Chick Corea’s “Got a Match?” at stupidly fast tempos … i think we just about held it together.

It was great having Marco Quarantotto back on House drums.. he has such a good sense of time and superb dexterity on the kit! its always a bit of challenge keeping up with him! 😀
Also a massive thanks to Joe Erber for joining us on House Keys last night!

wpid IMAG0901 3rd April   Hoxton Jam Jam nights in london

We had some great new faces turn up for the jam last night including Lewis Turner (awesome guitarist currently dabbling in a few west end shows) and David Baker (holding down some nice grooves on bass).

Untill next Wednesday !

20th Feb hoxton Jam + Live Recordings

gizelle smith 300x295 20th Feb hoxton Jam + Live Recordings Jam nights in london

75676 537122882981034 267528457 n 300x193 20th Feb hoxton Jam + Live Recordings Jam nights in london

2012 Hoxton Jam – Photo by Piotr Kogut

Last wednesday was another busy Hoxton Jam with some top musicians passing by!

To start with we had Gizelle Smith open the Jam with her tunes. it was great seeing her before she leaves with with Alexis and the rest of her band for a tour of Europe.

We had one of Londons top bass players Rick James making an appearance last weds along with an amazing sax player called Sam Healey who travelled down from Manchester for the Jam. And to top it off Laurie Lowe came down again to play drums…. all of the musicians were on fire last night.

House band last Wednesday was also a tight line up and consisted of:

Marco Quarantotto – Drums
Oli Arlotto – Sax
Paul Jordanous -Keys/Trumpet
Samer Sharawi – Bass
Alexis Kraniou – Guitar

And this is what they sounded like:

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12.12.12 – Hoxton Jam

Well apart from it being ‘World Sound check Day’ we also had what seems like a war of jazz and Funk at the Hoxton jam… The house band was tearing down fast jazz which was then always followed by some mental Funk.

Dean Mongerio was on sax last night and impressed us all with choosing to play the Brecker song “Not Ethiopia”… #epic

Hoxton jam Crew would also like to thank Marco Quarantotto for stepping in on drums!

Next week is gonna be a whole new level for the Hoxton Jam! The House band are going to be playing some Tasty Acid jazz tunes from Nick Van Gelder albums, of course he will also be playing Drums!bbe12058d cover 3x3 12.12.12   Hoxton Jam Jam nights in london

More info on that to come Here : facebook.com/events/HoxtonJam/




(Below is also a Video from 2 weeks ago with Alexis, Samer, Joel and Omar on Guitar, Bass, Keys and Drums… Enjoy)



Busy times at the Hoxton Jam

It got so busy last night that we took alot of the tables out of the venue, just so we could get more people in standing… 😮

Also last night we had a very strong House band especially with Marco Quarantotto on drum. who put our bass player (Samer Sharawi) through a nice work out ! As usual Oli and Alexis (sax & guitar) were on form

Unfortunately tho Alexis is away next week so we are arranging for a new guitarist to do the house band… stay tuned to find out who it is simple smile Busy times at the Hoxton Jam Jam nights in london

In other news, last night had some great players who drove all the way down from Suffolk to see the Jam, looks like the word is spreading !

Come down early next week Next Wednesday to check out the house band set !


548702 4830718168512 1314274598 n 150x150 Busy times at the Hoxton Jam Jam nights in london

(Thanks to Emanuele Baker for the Photo)