last weeks jam – 18th June

Another vibrant and busy Hoxton jam !
last weeks house band was :
Danilo Mazzone
Luigi Casanova bass
Mike Horne drums
Oli Arlotto tenor
Alexis Kraniou guitar

As usual we are back on next Wednesday. check out our event page for more info:

Also check out this sick video from last weeks house band set !

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Baby Sol and Jane Fraser get up and sing

We were really stoked to have Baby Sol (Paloma Faith’s BV) and Jane Fraser sing at the Hoxton Jam last night. both of Jane and Baby sand Summertime While Baby got up later to do an amazing version of Lullaby Birdland.

Last Wednesday the the House band consisted of
Marek Bura on Guitar
Mattia Giallombardo on Drums
Samer Sharawi on Bass
Oli Arlotto on Sax

Dont miss Next weeks Event, Details Here:

TIA 4045 Baby Sol and Jane Fraser get up and sing Jam nights in london TIA 4046 Baby Sol and Jane Fraser get up and sing Jam nights in london TIA 4061 Baby Sol and Jane Fraser get up and sing Jam nights in london TIA 4033 Baby Sol and Jane Fraser get up and sing Jam nights in london


Intimate Hoxton Jam Last Wednesday

It was a very different atmosphere last Wednesday there was just a small gathering of people, but still the standard of musicianship was very high.

The house band was:

Raphael Bushman on keys
Joe Taylor on keys
Samer Sharawi on Bass
Oli Arlotto on Sax

Lucky tho we still had some good pics come through.

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Last Wednesday was Powerful, Next Week will be Technical !

Last Wedensday we have Marco Quarantotto Steam training his way though the night on Drums, along with Alexis, Samer and Oli.

We had some great guests turn up for the Jam including a hot drummer from Japan – see the video below !!! who commutes all the way from Oxford to come down and play !! megga respect !
Also Andy Gangadeen popped his head in the door last Wednesday too !!

So next week we have a killer line up !

Oli Arlotto -Tenor
Laurie Low -Drums
Kevin Glasgow – Bass
Luca Faraone – Guitar

More details here …

Organizing next weeks Jam

Every Weekend the HJ team work together to organize next weeks House band and put together the set-list that we open the night with… and thats what we are doing right now
Next weeks Facebook page is up and running ! connect with us simple smile Organizing next weeks Jam Jam nights in london

Last weeks house band included Oli ArlottoMike HorneLuca FaraoneAlexis Kraniou.

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Some great photos of the Hoxton Jam by Mattia Giallombardo

A big thanks to Mattia for taking these great pics over the last 2 weeks of the Hoxton Jam

We had just a small 4 pice house band last night consisting of Alessio on drums, Alexis on guitar, Samer on bass and Oli on Sax. but on the other hand it was still quite a busy night !
Next weeks Facebook event page is already up, so check it out :

Funk Horn Section !

Firstly we were so privileged to have an amazing Horn section for the Hoxton Jam House band, Graeme Flowers was on Trumpet, Patrick Kenny on Trumbone and Oli Arlotto on Sax.
The guys in the band found some classic tunes to cover…check it out !
Rhythm section wize we had William Frances on drums, Samer sharawi on bass, Ian Da Preda on Xylosynth and Alexis Kraniou on Guitar.

The Hoxton Jam was also very happy to see the Jazz Jam Night Crew from Peterborough come down and hang out (they were also responsible for filming the video above). They run a great night on every third Sunday of the month. Check out the link for more details !

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Hoxton Jam 14/8/2013

Wow we have all been really busy this week, so big apologies for the late update.

One of the high lights of last Wednesadays Jam is that we had Tom Jones’s Backing singer, Sophie Hiller, pop in and sing a couple of numbers with the Hoxton Jam house band ! Check her out at

it was also Great to have Renu Hossain on Percussion and Stephen Wilcock on Sax, adding another layer of groove to the music

A big thank you to the rest of the house band too who were:
Luca Faraone – Guitar
Ian Da Preda – Vibes
Andy Wilder – Drums
Samer Sharawi – Bass

Fotor0816170353 300x225 Hoxton Jam 14/8/2013 Jam nights in londonFor more info on the next jam :


HOXTON JAM with Matteo

Matteo who is the founder of Ma’Grass was on bass last night… and like his band he was funking it up hard !

Hoxton Jam funk band MaGrass 150x150 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in londonIf you like Funk and heavy grooves then you should defo Check out the Ma’Grass Album Fingers in the Pocket !
Among many other musicians it features Alexis Kraniou , Oli Arlotto, Alessio Barelli and Tomasz Bura who have all been massive supporters of the Hoxton Jam !

We were very honored to also have Michel Castellanos on house drums last Wednesday! He was on Top form as ever !

Come down to next weeks jam for more crazyness and awsome music !
More info here: 

wpid IMG 1505 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in london
wpid IMG 6352 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in london


Hoxton Jam Night 17-7-13

Even though it was really sunny and hot people still came out to hit up the Hoxton Jam!

We had Michel Castellanos from the Fuzz On jam rip it up on drums along with a few new killer musicians turn up

It was great to have Joel Ison on keys and Juba on drums in the house band last night.. They did a lovely cover of Afro Blue!

Details for next Wednesday jam are here

Hope to see soon

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