22nd Jan 2014 – Violin at fusion jam !

Sorry for the late update! last weeks jam was amazing, we even had a killer Violin player from France!

As usual the Hoxton Jam is on tomorrow with the following line up
Oli Arlotto – Sax
Emanuel Baker – Bass
Alexis Kraniou – Guitar
Alessio Barelli – Drums

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And here is a little something from last week:

Some great photos of the Hoxton Jam by Mattia Giallombardo

A big thanks to Mattia for taking these great pics over the last 2 weeks of the Hoxton Jam

We had just a small 4 pice house band last night consisting of Alessio on drums, Alexis on guitar, Samer on bass and Oli on Sax. but on the other hand it was still quite a busy night !
Next weeks Facebook event page is already up, so check it out :

Hoxton jam with Gabriele Virgilio Pribetti on Sax

We had quite a change up for last Wednesdays Hoxton jam with Gabriele on Sax, Michele on Bass, Tomasz on Keys, Alessio on Drums and Alexis on Guitar!

Next week we have Laurie Lowe on drums and Lewis Turner on guitar as Alexis is in the studio.

For more info about next week check out : https://www.facebook.com/events/HoxtonJam

Hoxton Jam 14/8/2013

Wow we have all been really busy this week, so big apologies for the late update.

One of the high lights of last Wednesadays Jam is that we had Tom Jones’s Backing singer, Sophie Hiller, pop in and sing a couple of numbers with the Hoxton Jam house band ! Check her out at http://www.sophiehiller.com/

it was also Great to have Renu Hossain on Percussion and Stephen Wilcock on Sax, adding another layer of groove to the music

A big thank you to the rest of the house band too who were:
Luca Faraone – Guitar
Ian Da Preda – Vibes
Andy Wilder – Drums
Samer Sharawi – Bass

Fotor0816170353 300x225 Hoxton Jam 14/8/2013 Jam nights in londonFor more info on the next jam : https://www.facebook.com/events/363617890407282/


Another Great Jam With Marco Quarantotto

954652 533880490017378 222112027 n 300x200 Another Great Jam With Marco Quarantotto  Jam nights in london

Thanks to Laura Bartholomew for the Photos

Last night was Really fun ! Marco really challenged the the rest of the House band with  his deep pocket and fast fills on drums!
We were also happy to have all the founding members (Samer, Oli & Alex) back and playing together too !

Next Week we have an Epic House band featuring Ian Da Preda (vibes), Dan Lipman (flute), Andy Wilder (drums), Luca Faraone (guitar) & Samer Sharawi (bass)
Dont miss out !
More Details here : https://www.facebook.com/events/561231420608365/?fref=ts

HOXTON JAM with Matteo

Matteo who is the founder of Ma’Grass was on bass last night… and like his band he was funking it up hard !

Hoxton Jam funk band MaGrass 150x150 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in londonIf you like Funk and heavy grooves then you should defo Check out the Ma’Grass Album Fingers in the Pocket !
Among many other musicians it features Alexis Kraniou , Oli Arlotto, Alessio Barelli and Tomasz Bura who have all been massive supporters of the Hoxton Jam !

We were very honored to also have Michel Castellanos on house drums last Wednesday! He was on Top form as ever !

Come down to next weeks jam for more crazyness and awsome music !
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/327280437407010/?fref=ts 

wpid IMG 1505 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in london
wpid IMG 6352 HOXTON JAM with Matteo Jam nights in london


A Really Busy Night!

We had a killer House band and loads of new top quality Musicians turn up… What more do you need !

Laurie Lowe and Tomasz Bura was on Drums and Keys along with Samer Sharawi on Bass, Mike Rowlands on Sax and Alexis Kraniou on Guitar, it was a fun and energetic house band!

We also had some really good guests turn up, people like Aidan Glover (keys), Edu Bisa Bisogno (keys), Andrew Vickery (guitar) and Marek Bura (guitar), all amazing players in there own right !

I will post up details about next Wednesday jam soon, but so far the line up for the house band is coming together really nicely 😀

Fotor0606112242 300x225 A Really Busy Night!  Jam nights in london

Happy Easter – Hoxton jam

wpid IMAG0893 Happy Easter   Hoxton jam Jam nights in londonHope everybody is having a great Easter weekend… unfortunately we were all enjoying our chocolate eggs and nearly forgot to update the blog … hence why this post is so late 😛

Last week had a nice family vibe to it. Gizelle Smith came down to sing, Hugh Richardson, Marcel, Matteo and Jamie come down with their basses, Andy Wilder was on House Drums and a whole load of other regulars also popped in to say hi at the Roadtrip bar.

We are planning on doing some more of Alex’s (our House guitarist) news tunes next week and we also have Joe Erber on house keys (Fresh blood for the house band ! )

catch you next week !

Last Weds: Eric Ford and Holley Gray – Next Week: Cecilia Stalin

72603 10151975694312715 587554643 n 150x150 Last Weds: Eric Ford and Holley Gray   Next Week: Cecilia Stalin Jam nights in londonA big shout out to Eric Ford and Holley Gray for playing Drums & bass in the house band! We had a nice turn out last night and a good vibe.
Alexis our house guitarist just about made the jam as he nearly got stuck in France after being on a short tour with Gizelle Smith, as on the way back to the UK the Snow was so bad that they cancelled all Eurostar trains from Paris for a few days.

We have a very special Hoxton Jam next week as Cecilia Stalin will be doing a short set at the Hoxton Jam, we are very excited about having her down next week.

Swedish born London resident Cecilia Stalin’s breakthru came with Nu Jazz act Koop “Waltz For Koop” ft on Woody Allen’s “Match Point” film soundtrack. Cecilia has done live shows with The Streets, Cinematic Orchestra, recording collabs with Daz-I-Kue, & has had music out on labels as Compost, Wagram, Jazz FM & Universal Music.
She has also worked with Reggie Workman’s Coltrane Ensemble.

Check out her new project “Step Like A Giant” to get a taste of her sound !