11th Feb at the Hoxton Jam

Last night was probably the busiest night of 2015 at the Hoxton Jam! (shame if you missed it :-P)
We had lots of great guests get up including Oscar Kareem Stieler, an amazing Keyboard player and producer who has worked with many big well know UK and US artists.

Below we also managed to find a cool audio recording of 2 weeks ago with the House band playing Mellow Out – The Jazz Crusaders

and Ron Hector posted a cool video of people Jamming the Chicken last night !

Next Weeks Event Facebook will be posted up shortly:

Post World Cup Jam

Now that the World cup is over we are going to be taking our frustration out at the Jam this Wednesday.
Make sure you get down early as we thinkl its going to be a busy one
Facebook event is here : https://www.facebook.com/events/1434076283539761/

This week we have:
Oli Arlotto – Sax
Alexis Kraniou – Guitar
Stergios Chatzikyriakidis – Drums
Nick Gilmore – Keys
Samer Sharawi – Bass

Guitar Interactive Team at Hoxton Jam

Some of the guys who work for Guitar Interactive Magazine came down to the jam last Wednesday ! one of the guys brought down a Vigier fretless guitar (see pic) Super Cool !
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We also had some great musicians in the house band, firstly Lewis Turner was on guitar who is an amazing rhythm player, obviously his solos are sick, but i love this comping so musical!

Then we had Lee Gold and Mike Horne on keys and drums along with the talented Mike Roland on Sax. Of corse we also had Samer Sharawi on Bass.

Really hope to see you all next week. we are currently trying to cook up a great new line up for the house band next week, fingers crossed we can pin some famous people down 😛

Join Next weeks event on Facebook here

p.s. Did i mention we had a 5 pice horn section last night too ?

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A busy and great place to hang out in London – 25th March

Wow last night got busy as the night went on, we were really happy to meet old and new friends who made the effort to come down !

Last nights house band was:
Oli Arlotto-tenor
Mike Horne -drums
Kofi Kari Kari – percussion
Luigi Casanova – Bass
Alexis Kraniou- Guitar

The House Band also managed to play a few original compositions by Alexis among some well know standards.

Next week we hope to show off our new banner. come down and check it out 😛

p.s. Thanks again to Jim Mackay for the photos !

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Great Warm up set from Blastermind + band

So last Wednesday we did something different. we warmed up the Jam with a Rock pop set of Basterminds Songs. Trust me we were rocking out:
474555 10151357890697606 1741929962 o 300x199 Great Warm up set from Blastermind + band Jam nights in london

Then after his set Aliocha Thevenet, Andy Wilder, Mike Rowland, Joe Erber and Samer Sharawi opened the Jam with a Hard hitting fusion tune.

Join us again for more Jazz fusion, and funky vibes Next week at the Hoxton Jam:

(p.s. Next week we have a guest Vibraphone player !)


Happy Easter – Hoxton jam

wpid IMAG0893 Happy Easter   Hoxton jam Jam nights in londonHope everybody is having a great Easter weekend… unfortunately we were all enjoying our chocolate eggs and nearly forgot to update the blog … hence why this post is so late 😛

Last week had a nice family vibe to it. Gizelle Smith came down to sing, Hugh Richardson, Marcel, Matteo and Jamie come down with their basses, Andy Wilder was on House Drums and a whole load of other regulars also popped in to say hi at the Roadtrip bar.

We are planning on doing some more of Alex’s (our House guitarist) news tunes next week and we also have Joe Erber on house keys (Fresh blood for the house band ! )

catch you next week !

Last Weds: Eric Ford and Holley Gray – Next Week: Cecilia Stalin

72603 10151975694312715 587554643 n 150x150 Last Weds: Eric Ford and Holley Gray   Next Week: Cecilia Stalin Jam nights in londonA big shout out to Eric Ford and Holley Gray for playing Drums & bass in the house band! We had a nice turn out last night and a good vibe.
Alexis our house guitarist just about made the jam as he nearly got stuck in France after being on a short tour with Gizelle Smith, as on the way back to the UK the Snow was so bad that they cancelled all Eurostar trains from Paris for a few days.

We have a very special Hoxton Jam next week as Cecilia Stalin will be doing a short set at the Hoxton Jam, we are very excited about having her down next week.

Swedish born London resident Cecilia Stalin’s breakthru came with Nu Jazz act Koop “Waltz For Koop” ft on Woody Allen’s “Match Point” film soundtrack. Cecilia has done live shows with The Streets, Cinematic Orchestra, recording collabs with Daz-I-Kue, & has had music out on labels as Compost, Wagram, Jazz FM & Universal Music.
She has also worked with Reggie Workman’s Coltrane Ensemble.

Check out her new project “Step Like A Giant” to get a taste of her sound !

Hoxton Jam – 9th Jan 2013

Happy New Year !

So the 9th of Jan was our first Wednesday back, and we loved it

The house band opened with some new tunes which include Donna lee & Funky Sea, Funky Dew, and for our first Jam of 2013 we had Andy Wilder back on house drums along with the usual H.J. crew of Samer, Alexis and Oli

In addition to the great crowd  there were also some special guests in the house. Firstly Graeme Flowers on Trumpet who is part of the London Horns popped in and played some great funk numbers.
Secondly another trumpeter, Miron Rafajlovic a Canadian touring musician from the Cirque du Soleil, KOOZA show (now playing in the Royal Albert Hall).
And finally Andy Gangadeen (Incognito, Duran Duran, Massive Attack, the Spice Girls, The Bays and Jeff Beck) who came down to check out the vibe.

We are back next Wednesday, so we hope to see you then!

(Photos by Ron Hector)

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Nik Svarc @ the Hoxton Jam last Wednesday

Another great House band was arranged for last Wednesday, with special guest Nik Svarc on guitar and Michel.Castellanos on drums.
It was refreshing having Nik in house band as he is an established and dedicated player who is know to jump between the Leeds and London music scene.

If you missed his playing last night you can check out his own project : The Svarc Trio :

l Nik Svarc @ the Hoxton Jam last Wednesday Jam nights in londonhttp://www.myspace.com/svarctrio

Come and join us next Wednesday from 8pm to catch more great session players at the Hoxton Jam night !
Oli Arlotto, Samer Sharawi & Alexis kraniou are already sorting out a great House band for next weeks Jam night

p.s. did it mention its FREE !!!!!!