Top players last night

It was pleasure to have Lewis Turner and Laurie Lowe on guitar and drums in the house band last night. Along with Samer Sharawi on bass and Oli Arlotto on sax it made for a smooth sounding line up.

In addition to this we had some great Jams with top UK session players like Rick James, Tomasz Bura, and Luca Farone.

Watch out for next week as we have a special guest along with a powerful 3pice horn section! Don’t miss out out and get down early too see this… It’s going to be epic!!

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A Really Busy Night!

We had a killer House band and loads of new top quality Musicians turn up… What more do you need !

Laurie Lowe and Tomasz Bura was on Drums and Keys along with Samer Sharawi on Bass, Mike Rowlands on Sax and Alexis Kraniou on Guitar, it was a fun and energetic house band!

We also had some really good guests turn up, people like Aidan Glover (keys), Edu Bisa Bisogno (keys), Andrew Vickery (guitar) and Marek Bura (guitar), all amazing players in there own right !

I will post up details about next Wednesday jam soon, but so far the line up for the house band is coming together really nicely 😀

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22nd May 2013 Hoxton Jam

We had fun last Wednesday !
Laurie Lowe and Ian Da Pera killed it on Drums and Vibes.

An amazing guest Clarinetist also came down and shared the stage with the house band which made a great change of tone simple smile 22nd May 2013 Hoxton Jam Jam nights in london

Kelli-Leigh (vocals), Aidan Glover (keys) and Keir Moore (Guitar) also came down and preformed a cover of Amy Winehouse’s Stronger Than Me, which went down a storm!

Check out next weeks event : (u knever know who is gonna be there !)

20th Feb hoxton Jam + Live Recordings

gizelle smith 300x295 20th Feb hoxton Jam + Live Recordings Jam nights in london

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2012 Hoxton Jam – Photo by Piotr Kogut

Last wednesday was another busy Hoxton Jam with some top musicians passing by!

To start with we had Gizelle Smith open the Jam with her tunes. it was great seeing her before she leaves with with Alexis and the rest of her band for a tour of Europe.

We had one of Londons top bass players Rick James making an appearance last weds along with an amazing sax player called Sam Healey who travelled down from Manchester for the Jam. And to top it off Laurie Lowe came down again to play drums…. all of the musicians were on fire last night.

House band last Wednesday was also a tight line up and consisted of:

Marco Quarantotto – Drums
Oli Arlotto – Sax
Paul Jordanous -Keys/Trumpet
Samer Sharawi – Bass
Alexis Kraniou – Guitar

And this is what they sounded like:

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Alexis Birthday plus Laurie Lowe & Rick James Make an appearance

Alexis is one of the of the core members in the H.J crew and also is the House guitarist, last Wednesday was his Birthday so that means there was free cake !
We also rocked out a few of Blasterminds orginal tunes and played some heavy Jazz fusion as usual.

The cool thing about the Hoxton Jam night is that you never know who is going to turn up.. last night we had Rick James come down and also a great drummer called Laurie Low.

At the moment it seems the house band are picking more and more challenging tunes every week lol … so it will be interesting to so what happens next wednesday …. i have a feeling some more Brecker Brother stuff will be in the mix simple smile Alexis Birthday plus Laurie Lowe & Rick James Make an appearance Jam nights in london

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IMAG0725 300x179 Alexis Birthday plus Laurie Lowe & Rick James Make an appearance Jam nights in london