Baby Sol and Jane Fraser get up and sing

We were really stoked to have Baby Sol (Paloma Faith’s BV) and Jane Fraser sing at the Hoxton Jam last night. both of Jane and Baby sand Summertime While Baby got up later to do an amazing version of Lullaby Birdland.

Last Wednesday the the House band consisted of
Marek Bura on Guitar
Mattia Giallombardo on Drums
Samer Sharawi on Bass
Oli Arlotto on Sax

Dont miss Next weeks Event, Details Here:

TIA 4045 Baby Sol and Jane Fraser get up and sing Jam nights in london TIA 4046 Baby Sol and Jane Fraser get up and sing Jam nights in london TIA 4061 Baby Sol and Jane Fraser get up and sing Jam nights in london TIA 4033 Baby Sol and Jane Fraser get up and sing Jam nights in london


Smooth Grooves last week at the Hoxton Jam

Another successful jam last week !
Check out these clips from Jazzy Ron.

Great new Talent at the Hoxton jam

We had alot of people turn up last night. including Natalie Oliveri, a singer from Chicago who has an amazing voice: have a listen here:

“Goodbye, Farewell” – Natalie Oliveri from Natalie Oliveri on Vimeo.

The best part of last nights Jam tho was the house band!, having Phil Braithwaite (Vanessa Mae’s guitarist) play was Epic !! His solos are fantastic !
also have some great grooves form Mike Horne (top session player from South Africa) on the drums made Oli and Samer (Sax and Bassist) sound supper tight as a unit !

We are already getting ready for next weeks Jam!! don’t miss out !



 Great new Talent at the Hoxton jam Jam nights in london

wpid 1399502972144 Great new Talent at the Hoxton jam Jam nights in london

Happy to be Busy :-)

We were all chuffed that last week (9th April) was a busy Jam !
The house band consisted of
Luca Faraone on bass
Mattia Giallombardo on drums
Kofi Percussion Discussion on percussion
Oli Arlotto on tenor
Alexis Kraniou on guitar

Heres some random footage that we found the day after too lol :

Post by Giuseppe Santoro.Word on the street atm is that we might be having a special well known guest in the house band next week… nothings confirmed atm the moment but were hopping it happens.
As usual keep join our Facebook event page and keep up to date for next weeks jam!

Hoxton Jam night Wednesday troybar Happy to be Busy : ) Jam nights in london

Gareth Brown on Drums Next week !

We had an awesome set last week  with Joe Taylor on drums and Luigi Casanova on bass ,

Next week we are please to announce that  Gareth Brown will be on house  drums. Gareth has played with Donna Summers, The Saturdays, Daniel Meriweather, Kelly Rowland and many more!

So its going to be a show not to miss !
Keep up to date with the Facebook event page here: Brown Drummer Hoxton Jam Gareth Brown on Drums Next week ! Jam nights in london

No Jam next Wednesday (11th December)

Last Wednesday was loads of fun. It was great having Matt Baker on Keys with the house band, and because we had all of the core members for the house band set, it was on fire !
Tunes in the first set, like Access Denied by Dave Weckl, whent down really well.

Unfortunately the venue if closed next week for a private function, but we will be back on the 18th December for the final jam before Xmass!

In other news we found this amazing footage of when Hadrien Feraud come down to the Hoxton Jam with his touring band and played a cool version of Ain’t Nobody!

22nd May 2013 Hoxton Jam

We had fun last Wednesday !
Laurie Lowe and Ian Da Pera killed it on Drums and Vibes.

An amazing guest Clarinetist also came down and shared the stage with the house band which made a great change of tone simple smile 22nd May 2013 Hoxton Jam Jam nights in london

Kelli-Leigh (vocals), Aidan Glover (keys) and Keir Moore (Guitar) also came down and preformed a cover of Amy Winehouse’s Stronger Than Me, which went down a storm!

Check out next weeks event : (u knever know who is gonna be there !)

Last Weds: Eric Ford and Holley Gray – Next Week: Cecilia Stalin

72603 10151975694312715 587554643 n 150x150 Last Weds: Eric Ford and Holley Gray   Next Week: Cecilia Stalin Jam nights in londonA big shout out to Eric Ford and Holley Gray for playing Drums & bass in the house band! We had a nice turn out last night and a good vibe.
Alexis our house guitarist just about made the jam as he nearly got stuck in France after being on a short tour with Gizelle Smith, as on the way back to the UK the Snow was so bad that they cancelled all Eurostar trains from Paris for a few days.

We have a very special Hoxton Jam next week as Cecilia Stalin will be doing a short set at the Hoxton Jam, we are very excited about having her down next week.

Swedish born London resident Cecilia Stalin’s breakthru came with Nu Jazz act Koop “Waltz For Koop” ft on Woody Allen’s “Match Point” film soundtrack. Cecilia has done live shows with The Streets, Cinematic Orchestra, recording collabs with Daz-I-Kue, & has had music out on labels as Compost, Wagram, Jazz FM & Universal Music.
She has also worked with Reggie Workman’s Coltrane Ensemble.

Check out her new project “Step Like A Giant” to get a taste of her sound !