We are back and Running for 2015 !


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Last wednesday was a nice way to kick off 2015. The house band was great, with Mike Horne (Drums), Alexis Kraniou (Guitar), Kevin Glasgow (Bass), and Gabrielle on sax It was nice to see some regular faces like Luca, Francesco, … Continue reading

8th October – Busy Night

It was great having Ian Da Preda on Vibraphone back at the Hoxton Jam. His musicianship is top class!
In addition to Ian playing his heart out, the house band (Alexis, Oli, Mike,Samer and Ian) had a great energy on stage and were super tight.


Tasty Vibes solo @HoxtonJam

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Come and join us next week, bring ur instrument or just come down and enjoy the great music!


David Turay + Videos

111111 150x150 David Turay + Videos Jam nights in londonDavid Turay on Sax was a new addition to the House band Last night. Its great to have up and coming musicians joining the ever growing list of those who have been in the House band!

Some cool guest came by last night too, one of them being Steve Gilbertson (currently doing the Dirty Dancing musical) who made an appearance on drums.

And finally just incase you wanted to know, House band line up for last night was
David Turay on sax
Andy Wilder on drums
Ian Da Preda on vibraphone
Samer Sharawi on bass
Alexis Kraniou on guitar

p.s. As a treat here are a few of LyricL Songs in HD video from 2 weeks ago …. enjoy !


Confusing but fun music

The house band tried something different tune wize last night. they whent in with a one, off far out, experimental Jazz fusion tune called Dance Des Machines by Lucien Dubuis Trio & Marc Ribot. you can here what is sound like below in the video simple smile Confusing but fun music Jam nights in london

It was great to see Tom Kent (played bass for One Direction) who drove up from a studio session in Portsmouth to make the jam.


The house band last night :
Marco Quarantotto on drums
Oli Arlotto on sax
Ian Da Preda on electric vibraphone
Samer Sharawi on bass
Alexis Kraniou on guitar


Kevin Glasgow and Laurie Low, Epic rythim section

Super tight and fusion mad… That’s what happened last Wednesday when we had Kevin Glasgow on bass and Laurie Lowe on drums.

On top of that we had Lyric L hit the Hoxton Jam :

its great to have these top players vist us at the Hoxton jam simple smile Kevin Glasgow and Laurie Low, Epic rythim section Jam nights in london

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