Some great photos of the Hoxton Jam by Mattia Giallombardo

A big thanks to Mattia for taking these great pics over the last 2 weeks of the Hoxton Jam

We had just a small 4 pice house band last night consisting of Alessio on drums, Alexis on guitar, Samer on bass and Oli on Sax. but on the other hand it was still quite a busy night !
Next weeks Facebook event page is already up, so check it out :

LyricL & Hoxton Jam

Thanks to everybody who came down last night. it was great to see some new faces.
We opened the jam up early before LyricL’s set and had some great guitarists like Mete, Ben Trickey, and Luca get up and play.

968974 10151548151092897 1818575820 n 225x300 LyricL & Hoxton Jam Jam nights in londonWe then had the pleasure of playing through some of LyricL’s tunes from her last album “Amazed” with Tomasz on keys and Laurie Lowe on drums.

Cant wait to post some of the footage up for you you to see soon !

Once again we would like to thank Francesco. Milazzo for bringing down the ATS bass amp for all the bass players to try out !

We should have some great pics and vids to follow shortly so hang tight, and as always we will be back next Wednesday !

Epic gig with Cecilia Stalin last week!

BF18BlaCcAA3P3r 150x150 Epic gig with Cecilia Stalin last week! Jam nights in londonFirstly not only were we lucky to have Cecila Stalin down at the Hoxton jam and privileged to play her music but also we had Laurie Low on drums. It was an epic and packed out night!

Cecila started her set with Bogaloo Boy which is a great Jazz soul number and then after playing an amazing selcetion of other tunes we ended by playing Step Like a Giant, which is Cecilia’s own take on John Coltrains version of Giant steps.

Paul Jordanous also joined us last Wednesday on House Keys and Trumpet, along with the rest of the Hoxton Jam crew (Oli, Samer & Alex playing Sax, Bass & Guitar)

Laura Bartholomew and Sarah O’Brien shot some footage of the night too, so stay tuned for some Youtube clips soon !

Next weeks event is already in the planning so check out the Facebook page for more info:

16th Jan 2013.. January Hoxton Jam nights are busy

So the second Jam of 2013 was another busy night. Our house drummer last night was Michel Castellanos along with Tomasz on keys and the usual H.J crew filling up the rest of the band.
Next Wednesday we are celebrating Omar’s (aka Blastermind scape) birthday by playing a few of his original compositions ! check him out :

Info about next week is here .. dont miss out !

Media from the Hoxton Jam night:

IMAG0723 300x179 16th Jan 2013.. January Hoxton Jam nights are busy Jam nights in london

Hoxton Jam – 9th Jan 2013

Happy New Year !

So the 9th of Jan was our first Wednesday back, and we loved it

The house band opened with some new tunes which include Donna lee & Funky Sea, Funky Dew, and for our first Jam of 2013 we had Andy Wilder back on house drums along with the usual H.J. crew of Samer, Alexis and Oli

In addition to the great crowd  there were also some special guests in the house. Firstly Graeme Flowers on Trumpet who is part of the London Horns popped in and played some great funk numbers.
Secondly another trumpeter, Miron Rafajlovic a Canadian touring musician from the Cirque du Soleil, KOOZA show (now playing in the Royal Albert Hall).
And finally Andy Gangadeen (Incognito, Duran Duran, Massive Attack, the Spice Girls, The Bays and Jeff Beck) who came down to check out the vibe.

We are back next Wednesday, so we hope to see you then!

(Photos by Ron Hector)

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Nik Svarc @ the Hoxton Jam last Wednesday

Another great House band was arranged for last Wednesday, with special guest Nik Svarc on guitar and Michel.Castellanos on drums.
It was refreshing having Nik in house band as he is an established and dedicated player who is know to jump between the Leeds and London music scene.

If you missed his playing last night you can check out his own project : The Svarc Trio :

l Nik Svarc @ the Hoxton Jam last Wednesday Jam nights in london

Come and join us next Wednesday from 8pm to catch more great session players at the Hoxton Jam night !
Oli Arlotto, Samer Sharawi & Alexis kraniou are already sorting out a great House band for next weeks Jam night

p.s. did it mention its FREE !!!!!!

Line up for Tomorrow’s Jam

Ok folks for tomorrows jam (31st Oct) we are lucky to have the follow musicians in the house band:

Tomasz Bura – Keys
Marco Quarantotto – Drums
Samer Sharawi – Bass
Oli Arlotto – Sax
Laurence Harrison – Guitar

Dont miss the house band set at 8:30, its gonna be on fire !

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Some great musicians have been in the house band for the last 2 week !

IMAG0552 150x150 Some great musicians have been in the house band for the last 2 week ! Jam nights in londonEven tho the Photo on the left looks like everybody at the Jam is possessed by evil, the vibe at the Hoxton Jam is the complete opposite!

In fact  we have had so many musicians who have been kind enough to step in when asked and help out when one of the original members of the house band cant make it !

Two weeks ago we had Laurence Harrison and Davi Lanes on guitar and bass, who both did a great job! and for the last two Wednesdays we had Antonio Martinho come down last min to fill in on keys. (man this guy can play keys !!). Also last night we had Dominic Ntoumos join us again as a special gust trumpeter.

These are just some of the people that have been in the house band, there have also been loads of very talented musicians who have come down to jam!

Hope to see you all next week for another Hoxton Jam session, in the meantime check this small clip out from last week with Laurence Harrison, Davi Lanes and Michel Castellanos.

 Best Regards,
The Hoxton Jam  (Oli,Alexis & Samer)