Incognito Francis Hylton on bass

Really blessed to have Francis Hylton from the band Incognito on bass last Wednesday. as  u can probably guess the House band set was on fire!
Heres a little clip:

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We have Marijus Aleksa on drums and Gabe on keys, 2 great session players playing with us next week. don’t miss out !
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11th Feb at the Hoxton Jam

Last night was probably the busiest night of 2015 at the Hoxton Jam! (shame if you missed it :-P)
We had lots of great guests get up including Oscar Kareem Stieler, an amazing Keyboard player and producer who has worked with many big well know UK and US artists.

Below we also managed to find a cool audio recording of 2 weeks ago with the House band playing Mellow Out – The Jazz Crusaders

and Ron Hector posted a cool video of people Jamming the Chicken last night !

Next Weeks Event Facebook will be posted up shortly:

Next Jam is on the Wednesday 5th November


Apologies for not posting anything last week, we were all a bit snowed under with  work. but i can say last weeks jam was really great. Check out the video below for a sneak peak of what happened simple smile Next Jam is on the Wednesday 5th November  Jam nights in london

Next Wednesday we have Nick Linnik on guitar as Alexis is away in Greece.. should be a fun house band set before the jam ! so dont miss out !

HJ 05 Next Jam is on the Wednesday 5th November  Jam nights in london

Hot House band !

Last week the house band was on fire! it was the tightest house band we have had for a year or so, and we were not doing easy song for the first set either !
Andy Watts-Trumpet, Ian Da Preda -Vibes, Sam Sharawi – Bass, Mike Horne – Drums, Oli Arlotto – Sax, Alexis Kraniou – Guitar

As we had Ian Da Preda on Vibraphone we thought we would throw in some more Steps Ahead tunes !!
The set list comprised of tunes like  Beirut, Pools, Faulty Tenors and a few more! Killer songs simple smile Hot House band ! Jam nights in london

images Hot House band ! Jam nights in londonIn other news we had a Sax player who had just landed from China pop in and also aNew-Zealand Drummer by the name of Tom Broome  who is currently on a mini would tour with Hollie Smith


Next Weeks Facebook Event Page :

Check out the house band sound checking just before our first set!

David Turay + Videos

111111 150x150 David Turay + Videos Jam nights in londonDavid Turay on Sax was a new addition to the House band Last night. Its great to have up and coming musicians joining the ever growing list of those who have been in the House band!

Some cool guest came by last night too, one of them being Steve Gilbertson (currently doing the Dirty Dancing musical) who made an appearance on drums.

And finally just incase you wanted to know, House band line up for last night was
David Turay on sax
Andy Wilder on drums
Ian Da Preda on vibraphone
Samer Sharawi on bass
Alexis Kraniou on guitar

p.s. As a treat here are a few of LyricL Songs in HD video from 2 weeks ago …. enjoy !


Epic gig with Cecilia Stalin last week!

BF18BlaCcAA3P3r 150x150 Epic gig with Cecilia Stalin last week! Jam nights in londonFirstly not only were we lucky to have Cecila Stalin down at the Hoxton jam and privileged to play her music but also we had Laurie Low on drums. It was an epic and packed out night!

Cecila started her set with Bogaloo Boy which is a great Jazz soul number and then after playing an amazing selcetion of other tunes we ended by playing Step Like a Giant, which is Cecilia’s own take on John Coltrains version of Giant steps.

Paul Jordanous also joined us last Wednesday on House Keys and Trumpet, along with the rest of the Hoxton Jam crew (Oli, Samer & Alex playing Sax, Bass & Guitar)

Laura Bartholomew and Sarah O’Brien shot some footage of the night too, so stay tuned for some Youtube clips soon !

Next weeks event is already in the planning so check out the Facebook page for more info:

Last Weds: Eric Ford and Holley Gray – Next Week: Cecilia Stalin

72603 10151975694312715 587554643 n 150x150 Last Weds: Eric Ford and Holley Gray   Next Week: Cecilia Stalin Jam nights in londonA big shout out to Eric Ford and Holley Gray for playing Drums & bass in the house band! We had a nice turn out last night and a good vibe.
Alexis our house guitarist just about made the jam as he nearly got stuck in France after being on a short tour with Gizelle Smith, as on the way back to the UK the Snow was so bad that they cancelled all Eurostar trains from Paris for a few days.

We have a very special Hoxton Jam next week as Cecilia Stalin will be doing a short set at the Hoxton Jam, we are very excited about having her down next week.

Swedish born London resident Cecilia Stalin’s breakthru came with Nu Jazz act Koop “Waltz For Koop” ft on Woody Allen’s “Match Point” film soundtrack. Cecilia has done live shows with The Streets, Cinematic Orchestra, recording collabs with Daz-I-Kue, & has had music out on labels as Compost, Wagram, Jazz FM & Universal Music.
She has also worked with Reggie Workman’s Coltrane Ensemble.

Check out her new project “Step Like A Giant” to get a taste of her sound !

20th Feb hoxton Jam + Live Recordings

gizelle smith 300x295 20th Feb hoxton Jam + Live Recordings Jam nights in london

75676 537122882981034 267528457 n 300x193 20th Feb hoxton Jam + Live Recordings Jam nights in london

2012 Hoxton Jam – Photo by Piotr Kogut

Last wednesday was another busy Hoxton Jam with some top musicians passing by!

To start with we had Gizelle Smith open the Jam with her tunes. it was great seeing her before she leaves with with Alexis and the rest of her band for a tour of Europe.

We had one of Londons top bass players Rick James making an appearance last weds along with an amazing sax player called Sam Healey who travelled down from Manchester for the Jam. And to top it off Laurie Lowe came down again to play drums…. all of the musicians were on fire last night.

House band last Wednesday was also a tight line up and consisted of:

Marco Quarantotto – Drums
Oli Arlotto – Sax
Paul Jordanous -Keys/Trumpet
Samer Sharawi – Bass
Alexis Kraniou – Guitar

And this is what they sounded like:

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