5th November ! Jamming Hard !

House band nailed Chromazone by Mike Stern last week, what a song. Thanks to Nick Linnik (Guitar) for suggesting we put it in the set. Andy Wilder (Drums), Samer Sharawi (Bass) and Mike Rowlands (Sax) were also in the house band last week.

The Jam went really well last Wednesday too, We had students from Cambridge Uni filming for a project movie and had lots of great musicians turn up including a great professional singer, Daniel Dodd-Ellis from Texas, USA.
dan band 300x142 5th November ! Jamming Hard ! Jam nights in london





Check him out here : http://www.danieldoddellis.com/

As usual we are back next week: https://www.facebook.com/events/1565430550358446/

Hoxton Jam is a Wednesday night jam, located in Troy Bar in the heart of vibrant Hoxton.
It’s a free entry & starts at 8.00 till 1.00 am.

Next Jam is on the Wednesday 5th November


Apologies for not posting anything last week, we were all a bit snowed under with  work. but i can say last weeks jam was really great. Check out the video below for a sneak peak of what happened icon smile Next Jam is on the Wednesday 5th November  Jam nights in london

Next Wednesday we have Nick Linnik on guitar as Alexis is away in Greece.. should be a fun house band set before the jam ! so dont miss out !

HJ 05 Next Jam is on the Wednesday 5th November  Jam nights in london

Next week we have Gabe on Keys !!

Thanks to all of you who came down last week it was buzzing ! icon smile Next week we have Gabe on Keys !! Jam nights in london
Next week we have Gabriel Piers-Mantell on keys, so things will be on fire next week!

Thanks to Ron for some footage of the jam after the house band set.. enjoy !

Next weeks FB event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1592109197676656/

8th October – Busy Night

It was great having Ian Da Preda on Vibraphone back at the Hoxton Jam. His musicianship is top class!
In addition to Ian playing his heart out, the house band (Alexis, Oli, Mike,Samer and Ian) had a great energy on stage and were super tight.


Tasty Vibes solo @HoxtonJam

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Come and join us next week, bring ur instrument or just come down and enjoy the great music!


1st October

October is here !
Last weeks House Band consisted of Mike Horne (Drums), Alexis (Guitar), Samer (Bass), Nick Gilmore (Keys) and Gabriele Virgilio Pribetti on Sax

Gabriele Virgilio Pribetti brought some great new energy to the night. in-fact i think he inspired the house band alot as they were supper on it with a great energy emanating from the stage during the house band set.

In addition to the awesome house band we also had a very busy jam too which made for a great atmosphere.

As usual we are on next week, so if your about on Wednesday come down and check out one of London’s most popular jams :

 1st October Jam nights in london

24th September, Chilled out vibes

It was a bit of a quite one last week, but to compensate Andy Wilder (House drums) and Luigi (House Bassist) played longer than usual. We think everyone was having a quite week in as its the last week of the month. So we are hoping for a busy one next week !

as usual if you play come down and get up and play icon smile 24th September, Chilled out vibes  Jam nights in london

More info about next week here:



photo 5 24th September, Chilled out vibes  Jam nights in london

More great Musicians Pass through Hoxton Jam

Last week we were surprised to see a few well known good musicians pop down to the jam.

Firstly AJ Brinkman came down, who is a multi instrumentalist and can be found playing in the Westend, cruze ships, Top london jazz bars, Big Bands, and any other place you can imagine.
in addition to this we had pop drummer Dwayne Stanford and hard working guitarist Mafro get up and play a few songs.

join us next week for more great musicians and music:

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We will be back this Wednesday with Mike Rowlands on Sax

It was Great having the original members of the Hoxton Jam house band back last week with long time friend Nick Gilmoore on Keys. this week we will have the same lineup but with Mike Rowlands stepping in on Sax as Oli is busy.

Fore more details join the event page in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/750631368315977/?

Finally before we sign off this blog post we want to mention that we are all saddened and shocked at the news of Andrea Mar passing… RIP ! icon sad We will be back this Wednesday with Mike Rowlands on Sax Jam nights in london He was an amazing drummer and such a positive person. we will miss ur visits to the Hoxton jam.

10149834 10154496930885018 4076755142484227136 n We will be back this Wednesday with Mike Rowlands on Sax Jam nights in london

Nick Linnik on Guitar

With Mike Horne Back from tour with EVOID we knew the house band was going to be on fire, especially when we got Nick Linnik on  guitar who can out shred Shredder from the Ninja Mutant Turtles icon razz Nick Linnik on Guitar Jam nights in london
On top of that we had Luigi Casanova on bass with Oli Arlotto leading the band. 

Nex week Alexis is back on guitar from Greece should be a great night !
Dont miss out !